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Here Are 5 Data Security Trends to Prepare for in 2024

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With cyber threats evolving at an alarming pace, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. It’s a must for safeguarding sensitive information. Data security threats are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. The landscape must change to keep up. In 2024, we can expect exciting developments alongside persistent challenges. Over 70% of business professionals say their […]

Beware of Deepfakes! Learn How to Spot the Different Types

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Have you ever seen a video of your favorite celebrity saying something outrageous? Then later, you find out it was completely fabricated? Or perhaps you’ve received an urgent email seemingly from your boss. But something felt off. Welcome to the world of deepfakes. This is a rapidly evolving technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI). It […]

10 Most Common Smart Home Issues (and How to Fix Them)

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Back when you were a kid, living in a “smart home” probably sounded futuristic. Something out of Back to the Future II or The Jetsons. Well, we don’t yet have flying cars, but we do have video telephones as well as smart refrigerators and voice-activated lights. But even the most advanced technology can have analog […]

Top Microsoft Exec Believes AI Won’t Steal Our Jobs, It Will Make Them Better

Contrary to fears of job displacement, there's a surprising enthusiasm among workers for delegating tasks to AI, indicating a growing acceptance and recognition of the potential benefits of this transformative technology. Dive deeper into insights from Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, shared by @jared_spataro in an interview with The Messenger.  Harness our expertise as a trusted […]

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The platform shift to AI is underway, and it’s set to revolutionize the way we work. The burden of data overload, constant communication, and increased pressure to be productive can be overwhelming. But AI can help lift that burden.   Are you AI-ready? Microsoft 365 Copilot will soon be available in Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Rely […]

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Are you AI-ready? Embracing AI can transform the way your business operates and opens endless possibilities for innovation and growth. Whether it's automating repetitive tasks, summarizing meetings, or outlining a new presentation, AI has the potential to revolutionize your business.  Sign up for our mailing list to gain access to valuable insights, updates, and expert […]

Tony’s Chocolonely raises awareness of child slave labor with Microsoft 365

Tony's Chocolonely has a mission that goes beyond selling chocolate. It also wants to end exploitation in the chocolate industry, where millions of children are exposed to illegal labor practices and thousands of people are victims of modern slavery. During COVID-19, Microsoft 365 helped the company achieve seamless remote collaboration, ensuring teams could work together […]

Work Trend Index | Will AI Fix Work?

The burden of data overload, constant communication, and increased pressure to be productive can be overwhelming. But AI can help lift that burden. Discover the transformative power of AI in Microsoft's Work Trend Index article.  We’re standing by to help you get ready for this platform shift. Our expert CSP services can help you streamline […]

Simplify endpoint management

Discover the power of streamlined endpoint management with Microsoft 365 Business Premium. You’ll be able to enhance security, and embrace the benefits of digital transformation—no matter where your people are working.  Experience seamless licensing and subscription management, tailored to your needs, with our dedicated Microsoft-certified team of CSP experts. Get our infographic to learn more.  […]