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Server & Workstations

Keeping your IT infrastructure or server running should not be something you need to worry about. With IT monitoring and maintenance platform provided by Impulse Technology you will never need to worry about your IT again. With 24/7 device and network monitoring, we make sure that your devices are always running at their best and no backups are ever missed.


24/7 Monitoring making sure your Servers, Workstations & IT is 100% all day every day.


With automated task monitoring, everything will always be running at peak performance.

Server tailored IT Solutions

Cloud Computing

It is exciting in the current age of computers and technology we live in, Cloud computing allows businesses to run all aspects of their business from anywhere in the world from any device they like while keeping all data safe and protected from the outside world. Cloud computing has come along way since the internet first started, and today there is no need to be scared about having you business in the cloud, providing you are talking to experts in the field to keep everything secure!


With Office 365, your one-stop shop for all business in the cloud, from email productivity to file sharing using SharePoint.


Backed by Microsoft servers and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, you will never be left without your crucial data or services.

Cloud computing for tailored IT Solutions

Server & Workstations

We can’t stress enough how important backups are. Never go without backups again with our device monitoring platform tailor-made for business uptime and security. We ensure your backup never fails, and if it does, the issue is rectified the same day before it becomes an issue.

Cloud backup options available – Since the crypto locker virus started circulating, backups have never been so important. Never have your systems held up for ransom again with cloud backup solutions available at Impulse Technology!

Server workstation for tailored IT Solutions

Total Uptime

Cloud Growth


IT Security

IT Security is a must-have for any device connected to the internet. Never worry about your security again with solutions by Impulse Technology.

With tailor-made security services available, we work with your devices directly to apply security patches or keep security endpoints up to date at all times. The best prevention against hackers and security threats is a decent antivirus, which is why we have partnered with Microsoft and Webroot to provide one of the best solutions available. Bitdefender and Sentinel One EDR are just some of our solutions for managed IT Security available.

Worried about your IT security? Contact us today for a free assessment on your IT systems.


Managed state of the art antivirus provided by Bitdefender and Sentinel One EDR, Managed directly from each device


Everything from bare-metal recovery to file recovery available for any devices protected by Impulse Technology’s cloud backup

Data security for tailored IT Solutions