What is Office 365 for Business?

We’re glad you asked!

Office 365 is a Microsoft product that is a subscription plan to access all of the Office 365 applications and other productivity services over the internet.

The subscription gives you access to all of the usual Office applications, but in the case of Office 365 for Business, you do get quite a few extras.

So, if the above doesn’t really make too much sense to you, it can mean if your business currently run Office on each individual device, you can, with an upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business with us, access your information on any computer or device in your business just by logging into your account.

All your data and information is stored in the cloud.

So the ease of doing business just got easier and more efficient for you and that’s just the start as you will find out.

How is Office 365 different than Microsoft Office?

Office 365 is different to Office in many ways.

You can still buy Microsoft Office as a single purchase and install it on one computer if you want to live in the past.

You will find that the applications that are installed aren’t automatically updated to new versions.

This means when a new version becomes available, you have to purchase Office again and reinstall.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay monthly, get all the upgrades, set and forget?

We think so too.

Also, other than the ease of using Office 365 for Business you get a limited number of applications with the standard Office install.

The Office 365 suite of applications is extensive and growing as you will read below.

For Office 365 for Business customers you get even more for your dollar as well.

There are many extra applications you get in the Office 365 for Business suite and they are always updated.

Finally, one of the other major differences when you subscribe to Office 365 for Business you get to install Office on up to 5 x PC’s or 5 x Macs, 5 x Tablets and 5 x Smartphones.

So you are already ahead of the game and can access and use your own information at any one of these devices.

Do we get Microsoft Word and Excel with Office 365?

Yes, you do get Word and Excel with Office 365 for Business.

When you subscribe the whole Office suite of applications is ready to go.

Here is a list of what applications are at your fingertips when you are logged in.

Also a brief explanation of what each application does.

Some of these below have extra monthly subscription costs involved with them.

But that’s understandable when you start to investigate why they are powerful tools!

  • Outlook Mail
  • Calendar
  • People
  • Yammer
  • One Drive
  • SharePoint
  • Planner
  • Tasks
  • Delve
  • Video
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Sway
  • PowerApps
  • Flow
  •  Teams
  • Dynamics 365

How will Office 365 help my business?

Where do we start with the benefits of Office 365 in a business environment?

There are so many and over time, with more use, you will probably find more yourself.

We can start with a list and elaborate for you from there.

  • Can be used almost anywhere on almost any device
  • Improved mobility
  • Increase your productivity
  • Easy to learn
  • Business tools at your fingertips
  • Freedom and flexibility in the workplace
  • Store your data locally and also in the cloud
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Peace of mind security, health, and support
  • Your business grows, it grows
  • Stay focused on doing better business
  • Save you money
  • More time to relax

Can be Used Almost Anywhere on Almost any Device

No matter what devices your business is running (well almost, if you have a Nokia 3310 we might be struggling!) you can use Office 365 and of course the Office 365 Apps.


It’s because your license is connected to you and not the device or specific workstation.

So no matter where you are if you have an internet connection and have transferred your business over to Office 365 you can log in and have access to you and your team’s information.

There are also Office 365 Apps that run offline too and adds information after you get back online.

Improved Mobility

So you decided to leave your office early on Friday for a relaxing weekend at Noosa.

Your 4×4 is loaded up and you think you have everything covered and your team is large and in charge.

But halfway up the M1, you get a call from Steve, “Remember that deal from 2 months ago? Well he wants an extra 2% discount and longer trading terms and he will sign it off today”.

“I’ll have to do the math” you reply, “I’ll get back to you”.

Then the thoughts start…

How am I going to check that info?

Will I have to call the office and get all of the data sent out to my email?

That’ll take too long.

Oh, that’s right, I had Impulse Technology the other day installing Office 365 throughout the business.

I just have to pull over, Hotspot my Laptop to the iPhone, and then just log into Office 365.

10 minutes later a Notification from the Microsoft Teams App comes through on Steve’s phone.

“Go ahead with the deal, I’ve done the math and put the data in a file on OneDrive for you. Tell them that I expect an invite to the Christmas Party this year too”

20 minutes later a notification comes through from Microsoft Teams with an image of Steve giving you a double thumbs up.

Company budget hit for the month, a week to go, life’s good.

And this is only one example of what improved mobility can give you and your business by using Office 365.

Information when you want it and time-saving too, so you can get back to what you love doing.

In this case, driving to Noosa for the weekend to relax.

The days of being a slave to the office have gone and Office 365 is leading the way.

Increase your Productivity

Increased mobility and easy access to information make Office 365 a superior choice for increasing productivity across your whole business.

Having your team working with the same Office 365 package, using and communicating with the same tools as you, no matter where they are in town, city, state, or country has astounding effects on a business’s productivity.

You can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, new product releases, and more with your team in real-time if you need to.

Imagine what they can do for your customers with these extra capabilities and also the extra time they gain through the day.

The ease of using an Office 365 Business Solution gives you back hours in the day you would normally lose floundering for information.

Then you can use this extra saved time to do what you want.