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Who We Are

Impulse Technology we provide professional IT services to all of South East Queensland. With over 14 years of experience in the field, we have extensive knowledge and with everything from basic desktop PC repairs through to on premise servers, domain controllers or phone systems, We are a 1 stop shop for everything IT

About Us

At Impulse Technology, we believe that IT shouldn’t be complicated or cost you thousands every year to keep your business moving and up to date. This is why we focus on Cloud services and providing professional IT solutions to all clients, whether you are a home user or a small/medium or large business, our solutions are flexible to cover all aspects of IT in your business environment

There are many terms and services that are referred to as “Cloud”. The basics of Cloud however can be as simple as storing your personal or company data or even emails in a shared secure location on the internet which is only accessible by permitted users, or it can be as complicated as completely operating every aspect of your business from the cloud and not having any requirement for onsite hardware besides from a tablet or a desktop PC that has internet access.

Cloud data is typically stored in secure Microsoft servers which can be set only to Australia or can be set to replicate around the world, however, all data is only accessible by permitted and authenticated users.

In most cases, small upgrades may be required. However, in most cases, there are no upgrades required to any hardware providing the hardware is not older than 5 years

IT Support for Business.


Looking for quick and reliable support?

Always there for you

Remote support and onsite support is available to all clients, Remote is a much cheaper alternative and quicker turn around to having a technician attend your site.
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Covering all aspects of IT

Taking care of business

All I.T services are tended to in a professional and timely manner, never worry about your I.T again with our managed services platform catered for business growth.
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Worried about your security in the ever changing world of IT?

Power of the cloud

With managed antivirus options provided by Bitdefender & Sentinel One EDR, we make sure all devices are always kept secure and up to date, no matter where you are in the world.
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Industries We Service

Impulse Technology services all industries for their IT requirements. We are able to provide your business with any type of services you require, from retail POS (Point of Sale) hardware or software through to onsite or hosted remote desktop services for large scale corporate businesses. We specialize in Microsoft Office 365 tenant management to make your email systems much easier to look after and seamless to transfer your email systems to online exchange.

Your IT is our focus

It Makes Sense

In this ever-changing world of IT it is important to move with the times and keep everything protected from outside sources, but still accessible by staff. When Covid-19 first came around and Australia went into lockdown, some of our clients scrambled to take our solutions into action where others that already had them in place simply set up a laptop at home and started working as if nothing was different. With Office 365 and 3CX phones, you can run your business or work from anywhere as if you are still in the office. Sharing documents, taking calls from your business line are no problems with solutions by Impulse Technology.

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