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Website Care

Our website care plans not only implement preventative maintenance for websites, but also prioritize reducing the likelihood of compromise, hacking, or Google takedowns caused by malicious code embedded in the site. Additionally, we have robust disaster recovery planning in place to swiftly address any unexpected events that may occur.

website care plans

Our Website Care Plans Include

Uptime Monitoring And Reporting

With our website care plans, we offer uptime monitoring to track website performance and availability. This involves regular status checks and immediate alerts for any issues. It identifies potential failure points and provides reporting on website uptime, facilitating maintenance and improvement planning.

Daily Backups To External Source

By performing daily external backups, you can secure your website and content in a separate system, shielding them from malicious attacks and deletion. Using daily backups to an external location ensures that you never lose your website data again.

Automated Security Patching Daily

By performing daily website security patching, you can prevent cyber attacks and data breaches while ensuring website stability and integrity. This involves updating software and addressing vulnerabilities, preventing downtime and crashes. Daily security patching is crucial to stay vigilant against cyber criminals who target outdated software. Ultimately, it boosts user trust and guarantees website security.

Antivirus & Firewall Plugin With Reporting Capability

Defend your website against online threats and hackers with our managed Antivirus & Firewall Plugin. This plugin adds an extra layer of security that seamlessly integrates with your existing antivirus software. It blocks intrusions and unauthorized access through advanced firewall capabilities. The reporting feature provides comprehensive data on blocked threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Plugin Update Testing And Rollback On Failure

Our plugin streamlines plugin testing and updates, reducing risks and errors. It enables easy rollback to the previous stable version if issues occur during the update. With a staging environment for testing, there is no downtime or data loss on the live site. This empowers website owners to confidently update plugins without impacting site performance.

Ability To Monitor
SEO Content And Rankings

Through our website plugins and analytic integration, we gain access to powerful SEO monitoring tools. These tools offer extensive data for optimization, including keyword rankings, backlink analysis, and competitor research insights. With an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting functionality, we actively monitor and enhance your website's visibility and online presence. Additionally, we provide a monthly report to keep you informed of the progress made.